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The American Writing Professionals (AWP) National Conference will be held this year in Minneapolis, April 8 - 11, 2015. The CWP and Water-Stone Review have a strong presence all around the conference this year. We're very excited to see our programs and our people shine!

Find us:

Book Fair:

 You can find The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline and Water~Stone Review at  booth #700 at the AWP Book Fair. 

Featured Event:

The Meridel Le Sueur Essay: Sixteen Years of Water~Stone Review
with Mary Rockcastle, Lidia Yuknavitch, Honor Moore, Susanne Paola Antonetta, and special guest. 
Saturday, 1:30 - 2:45. Auditorium 3, Level 1 (S199) 

Everywhere else:

Find a comprehensive listing of CWP alums, students, and faculty on AWP panels and events at our CWP at AWP web page.

The AWP Conference & Book Fair is an essential annual destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. Each year more than 12,000 attendees join our community for four days of insightful dialogue, networking, and unrivaled access to the organizations and opinion-makers that matter most in contemporary literature.  

The 2015 conference will feature over 2,000 presenters and 550 readings, panels, and craft lectures. The book fair hosts over 700 presses, journals, and literary organizations from around the world. AWP’s is now the largest literary conference in North America. Join us in Minneapolis to celebrate the best of what contemporary literature has to offer.

More information from AWP website.