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Students Receive Animated Opportunities in Digital Media Arts


Since its creation in the fall of 2012, Hamline’s Digital Media Arts (DMA) program has expanded to include a variety of subjects ranging from digital audio and video, to web and graphic design, and has even added a new digital media arts lab to facilitate the growing interest in the major. Recently, the DMA program added animation courses to its repertoire of engaging and innovative classes.

“I am passionate about Digital Media Arts because I love all the little components that go into the projects. You can plan, adjust, plan again, execute, design, edit, start over, edit some more, get feedback...things are never finished in DMA,” sophomore Elena Deeter said.

The Introduction to Animation class was taught by seasoned animator Kristin Solid who has animated scenes and worked with teams on projects including King Kong (2005), The Hunger Games (2012), Hop (2011), and Transformers (2007) to name just a few. Throughout the semester, students learned how to navigate the intricacies of Adobe Flash and created several 2-D animation projects.

Assignments ranged from making a character walk and making a ball bounce to creating storyboards. Students also were tasked with the practical application of techniques learned from analyzing animated films, character walk cycles, and human body and object movement. The culmination of studying these facets of the art of animation was to create a working, cohesive final animation sequence, approximately 30 seconds long, to debut in front of the class.

“It was a great feeling to create something from my own imagination from scratch. Though it was challenging and time-consuming work, it was rewarding to see the final product,” sophomore Jack Bryan said.

For many students, the class helped illuminate and solidify career paths for the future.

“Digital Media Arts is such an important and fun career choice in this newly technology-based world,” Deeter said. “My hope is to change the way people use media, and make video games and film more accessible and empowering for women and different cultures around the globe. I am so excited to see where this major takes me.”

You can see a few of the final projects the students created by watching the finished videos below.

Cole O’Brien
Year: Junior
Major(s): Digital Media Arts

Elena Deeter
Year: Sophomore
Major(s): Digital Media Arts and Global Studies