Hamline News

Updated Hamline Alert System


In order to best keep our community notified in the event of poor weather or an emergency situation, Safety and Security has updated the Hamline Alert system. E2 Campus has been replaced with Blackboard Connect which allows you to receive Hamline Alerts via text message, voicemail, and/or email. Hamline Alerts will provide timely updates and instructions in case of inclimate weather, weather closings or delays, or an emergency situation on campus. All students, faculty, and staff are automatically signed up to receive Hamline Alerts via their contact information in Piperline. 

Please expect to receive one or two test messages from this new system. If you have a cell phone on file with the university, you will receive a Hamline Alert text message from 23177 or 63079. Safety and Security will test the entire emergency alert system as well. During that test you will receive a Hamline Alert message in one or more of the following ways:
1. A text message to your cell phone
2. An email
3. A recorded message to your on-campus office phone/voicemail
4. A recorded message to the phone number you have listed as your current number 

To ensure you receive this vital information and future Hamline Alerts in a timely and convenient manner, it is of the utmost importance you verify that your contact information in Piperline is accurate and up-to-date.

To do so, please follow the directions below:
1. Go to Piperline 
2. Log in with your Hamline ID and password
3. Click the ‘Personal Information’ tab
4. Click ‘Update Contact Information’

Choose one or more of the following sections to update by clicking ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side of the page: 
1. Cell phone
3. Current address 
4. Permanent address

*Please note, your your hamline.edu gmail address will automatically be included as the primary email address for Hamline Alerts. Current and permanent addresses will not be used for Hamline Alerts, but are important to have on file. 

If you also would like a parent, guardian, spouse, or someone else to receive these emergency alerts, you can add that contact information directly into our new Hamline Alert portal. For instructions on how to use this portal, please go to the Hamline Alert page on the Safety and Security website.

For answers to some frequently asked questions about this alert system, please go to the Hamline Alert FAQ page on the Safety and Security website.