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Mobile-Friendly Hamline Website


The Hamline University website is now easier to navigate and read regardless of whether visitors use a smartphone, tablet, iMac, PC, or laptop to access it.

The Hamline website switched to a mobile-responsive design on Monday, June 23, which means the site’s pages now automatically convert to the optimal size and layout for the screen or device the viewer is using to access the site. This mobile upgrade makes content easier to find and read on small devices, provides information that is more accessible to students, faculty and staff, alumni, and friends of Hamline. The site is also more inviting and engaging to students considering an education at Hamline University.

The updated Hamline website offers new, viewer-friendly page layouts, which highlight feature content and provide a clear navigation menu. The pages have a slight shift in look and feel from Hamline’s current website, with the integration of new fonts and some design elements that closely mirror Hamline’s printed publications.

Each modification was carefully vetted and thoughtfully designed by the web team in Hamline’s Strategic Communications Office and the web developers from the university’s Information Technology Services team, under the guidance of its partner, PH Digital Labs, with the goal of enhancing the user experience.

“By having a more versatile website and making content easier to find and read, Hamline’s web presence will be stronger than ever,” JacQui Getty, associate vice president of strategic communications and content, said. “Not only will using the website be a better experience for the current Hamline community, but those outside of the Hamline community will be more likely to discover and explore what Hamline has to offer.”

Learn more about the Hamline University website upgrade on the Hamline Responsive Upgrade webpage.

Unanswered questions or a problem to report? Contact the Hamline web team at sitemanager@hamline.edu.