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Summer Courses at Hamline


Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to make their summer count at Hamline. More than 80 classes will be offered starting at the end of May, allowing students to get into classes that they haven’t had time to fit in their schedule or get ahead and graduate early.

Hamline prides itself on its small faculty-to-student ratio of 13:1 all year round, but legal studies and philosophy major Jeremiah Osokpo says there is even more time for interaction with faculty in the summer.

“We had more of that one-on-one time with the professor,” Osokpo said. “They have more time to focus on you and it feels even more personable.”

For undergraduates like Callie McMillan, the smaller class sizes allowed her to become more involved in class.

“I’m a person who has never really enjoyed large group discussions,” said McMillan. “The smaller class was especially good for me because it allowed me to be more comfortable discussing in a group atmosphere.”

Along with smaller classes and numerous course offerings both on campus and online, tuition during the summer is half-price for undergraduates.