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Student Leadership Opportunities


Hamline provides numerous opportunities for students to develop, grow, and strengthen their leadership skills in a variety of challenging on-campus roles. Every semester, a new group of emerging leaders spread their influence across the Hamline campus with the mission of taking an active role in bettering the community, serving as mentors and role models for their fellow classmates, and realizing their own potential.

“The student leadership positions really aim to establish a community and an atmosphere on campus that facilitates student growth and development, both within the student leaders themselves as well as with all the students they engage with across campus,” Director of Orientation and First Year Programs Becky Kaarbo said.

All of the positions focus on fun and creativity, but also require a high level of professionalism and dedication. There are several leadership groups which were specifically created for students who can serve as strong role models and mentors for other members of the student body: the transfer and New Student Mentors (NSMs), academic year and summer Resident Assistants (RAs), Hamline University Programming Board positions, sophomore experience interns, and student diversity ambassadors. Students who participate in these roles not only act as a vital resource for their peers, but they also develop a sense of responsibility and confidence as they see the impact they have within the community.

“One of the most important aspects of a leadership position at Hamline is the ability to enact change and affect the social climate on campus,” Kaarbo said. “Student leaders take a large role in planning campus events and establishing connections with incoming students, whether they are a transfer or a first year student.”

The students who obtain positions in the Office of Student Activities will maintain their roles for approximately one full academic year, depending on the specific position.

“Their own experiences are something to take into account. These students really make an impact in the greater community,” Kaarbo said.

Besides these roles in the Office of Student Activities, there are additional student leadership opportunities in student organizations, Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC), and roles focused on civic engagement, arts, and academics. But student leadership isn’t solely defined by the positions offered through the Student Leader Selection process. Being an active and engaging role model and leader can be done without a title.

You can find out more about the leadership positions in student organizations on the Hamline website. Hear more from student leaders and Becky Kaarbo on Hamline’s YouTube channel.