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Piper Image Revealed


The Hamline Piper has a new logo. Following the reveal of the redesigned Piper mascot last fall at Homecoming, Hamline now has a new graphic image to reflect the Piper’s new look. The new logo is part of an effort to revitalize the image of the Piper, to reflect the current atmosphere of community and the spirit at Hamline.

“We just finished a fresh revamp of the costume for the mascot, and we really wanted to create a new graphic image of the Piper to tie that visual identity together,” Daniel Campbell, designer in the Office of Strategic Communications, and alumnus of Hamline said. “It’s been about 30 years since the piper graphic has been evaluated, and it was really adjusted to meet the times.”

The Piper has served as the Hamline mascot since the 1920s and has been through many costume changes over the years. Similarly, there have been many graphic depictions of the Piper—starting back in 1925—but the mascot illustrations have never accurately reflected the Piper costume design. A timeline of the evolving look of the Hamline Piper during the last 90 years can be found on the Piper mascot history page

The new image may be used on Hamline’s sports teams’ uniforms and apparel, and it can be found on spirit wear, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and bags, at the Hamline bookstore and Leo’s Corner in the Anderson Center. Hamline community members are encouraged to show their Hamline spirit by sharing photos of the new logo and themselves in Piper gear on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #HamlinePiper.

“I had a lot of fun doing this. It was a great project. I am an alumnus of Hamline so it was a really wonderful chance for me to update the Piper and bring the experience that I had with our past Piper up to the level it deserves,” Campbell said. “It has been great to see the mascot embraced by the community and to see the image finished.”

Many offices contributed to the redesign of the Piper mascot and graphic image, including the College of Liberal Arts Dean's Office, Student Affairs, Development and Alumni Relations, Athletics, Marketing, and the Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress. In the creation of the new design, not only were past illustrations used as a source of inspiration, but also feedback from the Hamline community in the Piper survey.

The Piper logo can be used by Hamline community members on apparel and other items, providing it is used according to the brand guidelines. You can find those guidelines on the Piper graphic standard’s website.