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Hamline Dispute Resolution Institute in Jerusalem


Students from around the country and across the globe joined the Hamline School of Law’s nationally-recognized Dispute Resolution Institute for its annual J-Term study abroad program in Jerusalem. The program, Conflict Resolution from Religious Traditions, brought together students from as close by as Hamline and as far away as Brazil and Australia for the program from December 30-January 9.

In a country where religion and state are rarely separate, students heard from experts in religion and law from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Israeli, and Palestinian perspectives. They received insight into the many cases in which people have learned to live side-by-side in the Holy Land, the ways in which that coexistence is continually tested, case studies in on-going conflict and conflict resolution, and opinions on how peace may be achieved. You can see photos from the trip in an album on the Hamline School of Law's Facebook page. Many of these experiences were also captured on film and will be part of a video about the Jerusalem program to be released later this year. #HamlineDRI