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Student Veterans at Hamline

Hamline is committed to supporting veterans and providing them with exceptional academic experiences. Hamline student veterans recently expressed their gratitude for those resources on film. The video posted below was produced by Hamline Veterans Student Group member Don Allen, and articulates, from the students’ points of view, what veterans value at Hamline.

One of the ways Hamline works with its veterans is through its Veterans Advocacy Committee, chaired by chemistry professor Matt Morgan. The committee plans events, works with veterans to explain and implement their benefits, and acts as a resource and support network for student veterans on campus. According to Morgan, one of the most complicated parts of being a student veteran is understanding and redeeming the benefits of the GI bill. It is part of the committee’s job to work with the students and the Financial Aid Office to make sure students receive everything they have earned through their service.

“The main thing we have to communicate is that most veterans think they can’t afford Hamline, when in fact they can,” Morgan said. “It is entirely possible for a veteran to attend Hamline and not pay out-of-pocket.”

The Veterans Advocacy Committee offers other resources including scholarships through the Hamline School of Law and Yellow Ribbon Program, bi-weekly visits from a veterans representative, and the Veterans Support Center which recently opened in Bush Student Center.

“I am very pleased with the staff and the faculty here. We’ve had a lot of support here in the veteran’s lounge with the faculty and staff in getting the lounge up and running,” student veteran Lora Nichols said in her video interview.

In addition to the benefits offered through the Veteran’s Advocacy Committee, Hamline offers a wide-variety of academic opportunities that compliment the experience and knowledge they have already gained.

“Hamline is a good school for veterans for the same reason it is a good school for anybody,” Morgan said. “Because Hamline has so many majors, the knowledge veterans gained from just about every job they had in the military will apply to an academic major at Hamline.”

Undergraduate student veteran Don Allen also thinks Hamline is a great choice for veterans.

“All of the professors have real-world knowledge,” Allen said. “They also teach you to be a good writer, a good reader, and to problem solve, and that's part of the leadership that Hamline gives its students which I think is important.”

To find out more about how Hamline supports veterans, and the resources and networks available to student veterans, go to the Veterans Affairs webpage on the Hamline site.