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A Focus on High Impact Learning

One of the cornerstones of a Hamline University education is high impact learning, which is a set of best practices internationally recognized for student success. These practices include internships, collaborative research with faculty, first year seminars, capstone courses, and study abroad programs. 

“We don’t merely provide some wonderful experiences for a few exceptional students,” Hamline Associate Provost Mike Reynolds said. “We provide exceptional experiences for all students.”

These opportunities allow Hamline students to connect what they learn in the classroom to real world situations and gain valuable experience in their fields before they graduate, which makes them much more valuable employees when it comes time to find a job. 

“At a lot of other schools you get your degree, and you go out on a job hunt. At Hamline you get your degree, and you also have this experience behind you that helps you stand out,” said current Hamline undergraduate student Miiko Taylor (’15).

Hamline places a strong emphasis on equipping students to be successful; in fact, 100% of Hamline students complete a high impact experience before they graduate. 

“High impact learning is the core of Hamline,” Hamline University President Linda Hanson said. “It is focused on the whole person, transformative in nature, and designed to create opportunities with outcomes for students that will be valued by the individual and society.”

Learn more about Hamline’s collaborative research opportunities, internships, the first year seminar program, study abroad, and the capstone program on our website and by watching the video below. These experiences are supported by generous gifts by Hamline alumni. Find out more about the Alumni Annual Fund on the Development website.