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New Piper Mascot Makes Debut


Hamline’s longtime mascot, the Piper, revealed the results of an extreme makeover at the Saturday, October 5 football game as part of homecoming and alumni weekend celebrations. Over the past year, Hamline staff, with input from students, faculty, alumni, and community members, worked to rebrand the Piper to better fit the needs of the community.

“A lot of effort has gone into revamping our mascot and we want to see the community embrace it,” Lamar Shingles, director of campus recreation, said. “We are not simply revealing a redesigned costume, but a formal mascot program.”

The mascot program recently included auditions for students interested in playing the Piper at events around campus.

The new design represents an effort to create a more consistent identity for the Piper, which is an important symbol of Hamline pride and spirit. Daniel Campbell, a Hamline alum and staff member, was the chief designer of the updated mascot. The actual costume was constructed by Hamline Theatre Department costume shop supervisor Mary Beth Gagner.

“I hope that the updated look of the Piper will really resonate with our community,” Campbell said.

However, the redesign does not remove the traditional elements of the Piper. When asked for feedback through a survey earlier this year, it was apparent that alumni, staff, faculty, and students wished to keep the Piper’s signature checkered cape and feathered hat.

“A mascot is at the center of pride and spirit for many institutions.” Shingles said. “ The Piper is Hamline University's number one fan and everyone will know it.”