Hamline News

President Linda Hanson Interviewed for MPR Higher Education Blog

After U.S. News & World Report released their “America’s Best Colleges” 2014 list, there has been a lot of attention paid to Hamline University, ranked first in Minnesota within its category for the 13th consecutive year.

MPR’s “On Campus” blogger Alex Friedrich interviewed Hamline University President Linda Hanson to get her perspective on how influential the college rankings are.

President Hanson reiterated that the rankings are one resource for prospective students, but it’s also vital that families do their research and make college visits.

“The college visit to the campus is bar none, the most important [for Hamline],” Hanson said. “The second most important factor is how we make it affordable. Those two factors have far more influence on a student’s decision.”

Among the other local news outlets that reported on the U.S. News rankings were FOX9, WCCO, and CityPages.