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Hamline School of Business Adds New Programs


This fall, the Hamline School of Business will offer undergraduate students four new areas of study: Global business with German, business analytics, sustainable enterprise, and sport and recreation management. The new concentrations draw upon the strengths of the existing Bachelor of Business Administration degree program and will prepare students for emerging needs and innovations in the business world.

“We did an extensive study of the market and similar programs, and these are the areas that are projected to see growth,” said director of undergraduate programs for the School of Business, Dr. Beth Gunderson.

Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Anne McCarthy, thinks that these new programs will help Hamline attract more students and raise the profile of the institution by offering programs that meet the needs of today’s job market.

“Each program is distinct and speaks to an audience that hasn't been reached in the past,” McCarthy said.

The global business with German concentration is a hybrid of two strong Hamline programs that will continue to build upon important partnerships that Hamline has with the Universitat Trier and the Cologne Business School in Germany. As part of the program, students will study abroad and participate in an internship in a German company or an American company operating in Germany.

“Germany is an industrial powerhouse so there is a lot for our students to learn from German business practices,” McCarthy said. “German is a popular high school language regionally and is also the second most spoken language in the European Union.”

McCarthy and Gunderson said that, looking ahead, the model for this program will be used with other languages and countries, as this kind of education will better prepare students to be successful in the international business arena.

Hamline is one of only a few institutions to offer a business analytics concentration and minor. This concentration leverages faculty expertise and was developed by meeting Hamline alumni and their employers who provided insight into the skills needed from job candidates in today’s business world.

“These meetings allowed us to find out what they needed, what we had, and where we needed to supplement,” Gunderson said. “Big data is such an important topic right now, and this program will attract a new kind of student, a more quantitative thinker.”

The sustainable enterprise concentration addresses a growing interest by students and the increasing challenges faced by business and society. Dr. Kim McKeage, associate professor of quantitative methods, developed the program and is a strong advocate, as she sees a shift in trends in the business world that focus more on sustainability efforts. Aspects of this program include waste reduction programs and business planning for launching green enterprises.

“This program is intended for Bachelor of Business Arts students who want to use business skills and perspectives to engage in the new economy,” McKeage said. “New green business start-ups as well as traditional organizations that want to redesign their operations will need an infusion of new talent that combines business know-how with sustainability sensibilities.”

The sport and recreation management program is a new and exciting concentration that combines business, recreation, and event planning. This innovative program will not only speak to prospective students, but also to prospective student athletes who wish to incorporate elements of athletics into their professional careers after graduation. Because Minnesota is home to many sports teams and event venues, there are great possibilities for partnerships for Hamline and internships for students.

These new programs will utilize the same core courses already included in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree curriculum and build upon the strengths that Hamline already possesses while reaching a new prospective student audience.