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Piper Preview: Affirm, Prepare, Excite


Piper Preview, the orientation program for incoming first-year students, is in full swing. The event is a chance to meet new classmates, faculty, and staff, register for fall classes, and generate excitement about the beginning of life as a college student. The students spend an entire day on campus and stay overnight in the dorms. The day starts with a welcome address and introduction to the new student mentors (NSMs), current Pipers who serve as as a resource for new students.

“I learned a lot about campus, and it’s nice meeting new people,” incoming first-year student Ann Muhvich said. “I really like the atmosphere and I like being in the Twin Cities.”

Aside from meeting new classmates, Piper Preview has many fun events that build bonds between the students and their future college. One of the most popular is Becoming a Piper. The interactive game show pits small groups of students, led by their NSMs, against each other for the opportunity to register first for their classes.

“This year, we decided to beef up the competition a little bit more because everyone wants to register first, and it’s just really fun and interactive,” Orientation and First Year Programs Director Becky Kaarbo said.

Before Piper Preview is over, new Pipers will take their first-year writing assessment and register for their fall classes. Hamline offers over 50 areas of study so there is a lot to choose from: psychology, the arts, biology, English, foreign languages, and much more.

“A huge benefit to the Hamline program is that students physically register themselves,” Kaarbo said, “If you can get through the stress of registering during Piper Preview, every registration after that is going to be so easy.”

Throughout Piper Preview, students attend events and meetings with various faculty and staff members. They learn what their expectations should be for the upcoming fall semester, and tips on how they can be successful in their first year and beyond.

“The opportunity to meet people and the info session at the beginning was really helpful,” Incoming first-year student, Alexa Marsh said, “I fell in love with Hamline when I first visited. It felt like the university choosing me, not me choosing it.”

Marsh’s fellow group member, Tanner Swenson, agreed with Marsh and said that being on campus and seeing it in person helped him get to know Hamline better and be more prepared for the school year.

According to Kaarbo, the three main goals of Piper Preview are affirming students’ choice in Hamline, preparing them for their upcoming journey as a college student, and getting everyone excited for fall semester.

“Once you’re prepared and are like ‘yep I’ve made the right choice’ then you can get really pumped up and excited, so that when you come in the fall you’re ready to just jump in headfirst,” Kaarbo said.

More information about Piper Preview and registration can be found on Hamline’s website.