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Hamline bar pass rate for first-time takers shines


The Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners has released the statistics for the February 2013 Minnesota bar examination, and Hamline Law first-time takers passed the Minnesota bar exam at a rate of 94.12 percent. Sixteen of seventeen first-time takers passed the exam.

Among first-time Minnesota bar exam takers, the other local law schools posted pass rates of 90.00 percent (University of Minnesota, 10 takers), 75.00 percent (University of St. Thomas, eight takers), and 80.39 percent (William Mitchel, 51 takers).

Overall, 181 people took the exam for a pass rate of 71.27 percent, and 105 first-time exam takers passed at a rate of 85.37 percent. Forty-three test-takers represented 28 out-of-state law schools.

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