Hamline News

Fall 2012 Piper Athletics


Courtney Benson

Watch Courtney Benson ’14 flip and leap during her floor routine and the fuel behind her success is instantly clear—she loves gymnastics. “It’s rewarding to win titles, but at the same time, I don’t go in to win, I go in to do what I love,” Benson says.

As Hamline’s 2011–2012 Rookie of the Year, Benson earned All-American honors three times last season and is the reigning MIAC champion in the floor exercise. That said, she will be the first to tell you that the road wasn’t easy.  She arrived at nationals in Brockport, New York, with a leg injury, but ready to compete. “I just wanted to do the best I could on that particular day,” she says. But her best got off to a rough start. On her first rotation in the preliminary round, Benson fell off the uneven bars three times. “It was scarring,” she says. “I had to recover mentally within 30 minutes and prepare to compete for real in the first round.” She rose to the occasion. “I hit everything on the beam, and my confidence returned,” says Benson. The streak continued for the next two events, and she advanced to the next day’s finals, placing second in the floor exercise, 11th in balance beam, and 12th in vault.

This coming season, Benson has her eye on her team. “I want our team to win,” she says. “We’ve lost by a few tenths in the past, which is like a toe point.” She’d also love the company of friends at this year’s national championships. “At the end of college, we might not continue with gymnastics, but we’ll always have the friends that we made.”

Spring Sports


18–22, 8–12 MIAC
Juniors Jordan Buck ’13 and Dan Ellefson ’13 earned All-MIAC honors.


Men: 7–10, 2–7 MIAC
Seniors Bernard Mitambo ’12 and Andrew Lutz ’12, and junior David Croonquist ’13 earned All-MIAC honors.
Women: 0–17, 0–10
First-year Shamara Duwearatchi ’15 was named to the All-MIAC sportsmanship team.

Track & Field

Men: 2nd in MIAC
Seniors Jack Deichert ’12 and Devin Monson ’12 earned All-American honors.

Women: 6th in MIAC
Senior Brenna Coyle ’12 and Junior Becky Culp ’13 earned All-American honors.


10–28, 9–13 MIAC
Junior Bethany Hine ’13 earned All-MIAC honors. 
Winter Sports


Men: 13–12, 11–9 MIAC
Senior guard Mike Campbell earned All-MIAC honors, 
forward Dior Ford ’15 earned MIAC All-First-Year team 
honors, and senior guard Levi Wenrich ’12 was named All-MIAC honorable mention.

Women: 7–18, 6–16 MIAC
Guard Jordan Sammons ’15 earned MIAC All-First-Year team honors and was also named All-MIAC honorable mention along with junior guard Kara Poirier ’13.


6th in WIAC
First-year Jackie Clement finished 14th in the vault at the NCGA championships.


Men: 10–14–2, 7–8–1 MIAC
Seniors Brian Arrigoni ’12, Beau Christian ’12 and Jordan VanGilder ’12 earned All-MIAC honors.

Women: 8–15–2, 4–13–1 MIAC
Senior goaltender Nicole Jones ’12 earned All-MIAC honors and sophomore forward Corrine Henning ’14 was named All-MIAC honorable mention.

Indoor Track

Men: 2nd in MIAC
Seniors Jack Deichert ’12, Brennan McKeag ’12, Devin Monson ’12, junior D. J. Weil ’13, sophomores Travis Latzke ’14 and Joe Morelli ’14, and first-year Mark Volker ’15 earned All-MIAC honors.

Women: 6th in MIAC
Seniors Brenna Coyle ’12 and Kaitlyn Frenchick ’12, juniors Becky Culp ’ 13 and Maria Theisen ’13, Shawny Kramer ’15 earned All-MIAC honors. Coyle also earned All-American honors. 

Swimming & Diving

Men: 8th in MIAC
First-year Ben Smidt ’15 was named to the All-MIAC sportsmanship team.

Women: 10th in MIAC
First-year Hannah Hankins ’15 was named to the All-MIAC sportsmanship team.