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Poverty reSOLUTION Examined at Hamline


A one-of-a-kind event brought dedicated and passionate professionals from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to Hamline to explore solutions to poverty in local communities and around the world. The Hamline School of Business partnered with Opportunity International to hold this dynamic community economic development symposium, which was dubbed reSOLUTION ’13. 

Distinguished speakers included Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie; Bob Lupton, author of Toxic Charity; Hussein Samatar, founder of the African Development Center; Michael Wirth-Davis, president and CEO of Goodwill & Easter Seals; and John McKnight, author of Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets.

"The key action is not leadership, but connector-ship," McKnight, co-director of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, said during his keynote address.

McKnight’s words echo the vision of the Hamline School of Business, which brings together top academics and practitioners in the three sectors to educate and inspire leaders in each field.

“When ideas and vision from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors come together, that synergy has the potential to create solutions that address the critical societal challenges of this century,” Anne McCarthy, dean of the School of Business, said.

In partnering with Opportunity International, the reSOLUTION symposium provided international, urban, and rural perspectives to the issue of poverty. Featured speakers and panel discussions explored the work that is currently being done to alleviate the source and effects of poverty, and the opportunities for more collaboration to find solutions.

"We are not talking about community development, we are talking about the very heart of democracy," McKnight said.