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The Campus Rec Effect


There’s a certain buzz around Walker Field House this spring; the echo of dribbled basketballs, the shouts of students in the midst of fierce, but friendly, competition, and the shrill alarm of the game clock, all signals that intramural sports are alive and kicking. With more and more students signing up to take part in basketball and outdoor soccer leagues, it’s clear that Hamline Campus Recreation is upholding its primary goal of promoting sportsmanship and open participation.
The Campus Recreation program caters to every sport fanatic’s needs, and strives to engage students in team and individual activities while providing them with variety in competitive leagues, tournaments, and fitness classes. The activities offered by the program make use of the multiple facilities spread out across campus to bring students, staff, and faculty together to provide everyone with the chance to achieve and maintain an active lifestyle.

“I’ve done intramurals for about a year now,” junior Troy Schillinger said. “It’s a thrilling experience, and I love it. It’s an easygoing atmosphere that provides even non-athletes a chance to play sports while at Hamline.”

The true vitality of the Campus Recreation program comes from its numerous sport clubs which were formed by and are led by students. Some of the sport club options include recreational athletics such as ultimate frisbee, co-ed soccer, and men and women’s lacrosse. But these aren’t the only activities available. There are also rock climbing, martial arts, golf, and Nordic ski teams that are happy to welcome new members to their groups. The club program is always expanding to include new and interactive clubs with the aim of appealing to an even greater number of participants.

“We have been fortunate to develop a new and comprehensive program from the ground up over the past five years,” said Campus Recreation Director Lamar Shingles. “Hamline is committed to finding new, innovative ways of enhancing the well-being and experience of our students, and the recreation program is one example of that commitment.”

While some sports are only available once during the academic year, such as dodgeball and flag football, many are offered multiple times due to their popularity. Campus Recreaction appeals to sport enthusiasts by scheduling volleyball and floor hockey each fall and winter, and offering basketball and soccer for the fall and spring. In addition, participants can choose to engage in friendly matches of racquetball in the Walker Field House, take a swim in the Bush Student Center Pool, sign-up for yoga or a wellness class in the Bush Student Center Ballroom, or rent equipment from the recreation desk.

It’s not just the participants of intramurals who enjoy campus recreation. Members of the Campus Recreation staff help to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone.

“I’ve enjoyed working for Campus Rec because the staff and students participating are such great people to be around,” student and intramural sports official Evan Jenkins said. “The intramural sports and activities we offer are a lot of fun, great exercise, and a way for students to take a break from the academic grind.”

However, despite its main focus on athletics and fitness, Campus Recreation is first and foremost a service, one that provides members of the Hamline community a chance to interact with people who share common interests, and make connections with others over a shared love of sports. People throughout the Hamline population are granted the opportunity to meet new people through competitive and non-competitive participation. These services allow students, faculty, and staff alike to let loose, blow off steam, and laugh together over victories on the court.

So, whether you’re an athlete who can’t seem to get enough of the sports scene, or someone who’s looking to simply enjoy themselves and meet new people, check out the Campus Recreation scene and shoot to win, whether it be a tournament or a personal fitness goal.

You can learn more about Campus Recreation and what they’re offering throughout the year by checking out their facebook page
Watch the Campus Recreation athletes in action below or on the Hamline YouTube channel.