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School of Business Announces Collaboration with Institute in China


In an effort to build on important academic and business partnerships, Hamline University is proud to announce its new collaboration between the Hamline School of Business and the law school at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT). This new partnership brings together two institutions with long traditions of excellence in public administration and will create a cooperative learning program that brings students from SIFT to Hamline to earn their Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree. Dr. Anne M. McCarthy, dean of the Hamline School of Business, recently traveled to China to meet with Dr. Chen Baijian, dean of the law school at SIFT, to sign an agreement that begins the process of nominating potential students.   

“We are very excited about the ability of this partnership to establish a long-lasting Hamline presence in China with a high quality educational partner,” Dean McCarthy said. “We believe that this will enrich the educational experience for students and faculty at both institutions, and we are hopeful that this endeavor will pave the way for future academic exchanges with SIFT.”

While this undertaking opens new doors for the SIFT students, it creates a new learning environment at Hamline, too. SIFT students will be able to share their perspectives in the classroom, creating a more diverse, well-rounded learning experience. With China’s immense influence on international business, making these connections will be very beneficial for students and faculty at Hamline.

While in China last fall, Dr. McCarthy also met with Dr. Jin Quan, assistant dean of the business school at SIFT, to discuss a potential partnership that would lead to student and faculty exchange in business programs, as well. This would be an extraordinary opportunity for Hamline students and faculty to gain further insight into foreign markets, business, and culture. This type of experience is invaluable for any student, but the real benefit is the added interconnectedness of the two educational institutions and the potential for further collaborations with SIFT and other institutions like it all around the world. 

There are a total of 48 credits for the Master in Public Administration program, of which 20 credits will be transferred from SIFT. SIFT students will also have the opportunity to participate in an internship with a state or local government agency in Minnesota. Paired with Hamline’s public administration curriculum, this experience will give SIFT students the knowledge to successfully work and lead in the public sector.

Along with Dr. McCarthy, other Hamline faculty who will be working with and teaching SIFT students include, Dr. Kris Norman-Major whose area of expertise is in public and social policy; William Joynes, former city manager of Golden Valley, Minnesota; Jim Scheibel, former St. Paul mayor and Clinton appointee; and former St. Paul City Attorney, Dr. Jane McPeak, whose area of expertise is administrative law and ethics.