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Talented Voices Take Over the Air on Hamline Radio


It’s common knowledge that Hamline University hosts a variety of unique and talented student voices, and some may be louder than others. But recently, a select group of Pipers have been speaking out, and the only tools they need are their voices and a microphone. Since its start, Hamline Radio has assisted students in expressing themselves, and this year’s cast of diverse student DJs all have something different to say.

The Hamline Radio booth, where the student DJs broadcast their segments, is located on the lower level of Manor Hall. As each student hosts their show it is steamed online where people across campus or around the world can tune in. The process is simple: each student is equipped with a microphone and computer, and from there the possibilities are endless.

The DJs have creative license over their own segments, and can choose to spend their time in the booth playing music of their choice or talking about current news, politics, or anything else that interests them. Hamline student Jeremiah Osokpo uses his air time to make connections with his audience. Through the use of his Facebook page, Osokpo’s listeners post questions they’d like answered on air, or songs they would like to hear. 

“I have a one hour show once a week. Some people might say that’s such a little time, but to me, I feel like it’s a huge commitment,” Osokpo said. “It’s a way for me to get to know people on campus, it’s a way for me to get to know myself. By doing this, I’m reaching a greater community than just my circle of friends and I’m also getting involved in something greater.”

While Hamline Radio does provide students with the means to let their voices be heard, it also helps them in other ways. First-year student and Hamline Radio DJ Allan Moore hopes to declare a digital media arts major and uses his time on air to prepare himself for the future.

“I’m on Hamline Radio so that I will be able to speak in front of a microphone and not be terrified of it,” Moore said. “To be comfortable with this is very important because I’m going to be going into the audio industry in the future.”

Hamline radio DJs interested in the broadcasting industry could hardly ask for a better staff advisor than Silvester Vicic who had a long and successful career at both the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Minnesota Public Radio. Vicic advises on station operations and training for the staff which helps students with both technical and on-air skills.

Hamline Radio is always looking for more talented voices to host in the booth, and it’s easy to participate. Students who are interested in becoming part of Hamline Radio are encouraged to send an email to the station or to visit the Hamline Radio Facebook page  for more information.

Curious about what Osokpo, Moore and their fellow Pipers are saying on the radio? You can listen to Hamline radio live by clicking here.