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Roger Canaff presents "A Time to Change" CLE


Hamline University School of Law, with the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Minnesota County Attorneys Association, Minnesota Alliance on Crime, and Hamline Women's Legal Caucus, welcomed Roger A. Canaff to campus to present "A Time to Change: Prosecution of Predators After The Sandusky Case, and Making Institutional Environments Safer" on Sept. 11, 2012. The event took place in the Kay Fredericks Room located in the Klas Center.

Canaff is a widely known child protection and anti-violence against women advocate, legal expert, author and public speaker. A career Special Victims prosecutor, he has devoted his legal career to the eradication of violence against women and children. He has worked as a prosecutor in Alexandria, Virginia, the Bronx, New York, and as an Assistant Attorney General with the state of New York as well as a Senior Attorney with the National District Attorneys Association, Child Abuse Unit. He has also trained U.S. Army prosecutors on Special Victims cases as a Highly Qualified Expert.

This presentation addressed the often inadvertent but dangerous role that institutions of all kinds play in sexual violence, and how the Gerard "Jerry" Sandusky case can lend insight and much needed awareness to the issue. Participants gained insight into how sexual predators operate, why they are often attracted to institutional environments like those that comprise academic, military, religious, child-centered and community organizations. Canaff shared tips and strategies on how institutions can make their environments as safe as possible, and how they can avoid the pitfalls experienced at Penn State University and elsewhere. Investigation and prosecution strategies that can be employed to better ensure legal vindication for victims, and the protection of the community, were also discussed.

The free event was approved for 1.5 standard CLE credits (MN CLE Board Event Code 170545). For more information, please contact Jane Prince at jprince01@hamlineuniversity.edu or 651-523-2338.

More about Roger A. Canaff  

Roger Canaff was born in New York City in 1967 and raised in Northern Virginia. He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and then the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. After a brief period in private practice, he took a job with the Alexandria, Virginia Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in 1997.

During his time there he prosecuted many different types of crimes, with a specialty in child abuse, child sexual assault, and juvenile crime. In 2003 he joined the staff of the National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse at the American Prosecutors Research Institute in Alexandria, Virginia as a Senior Attorney. In 2005 he returned to active prosecution in Bronx County, New York in that office’s Child Abuse and Sex Unit prosecuting both adult and child sexual assault crimes. In June 2007, he was hired by the New York State Office of the Attorney General as the Deputy Chief of the newly formed Sex Offender Management Unit. After serving for two years in this position, he was hired by the United States Army in June of 2009 as a Highly Qualified Expert with the Trial Counsel Assistance Program, US Army Legal Services Agency. As an Army civilian, he trained and consulted with military prosecutors specializing in Special Victims issues worldwide. He left federal service in February, 2012.

An experienced legal expert in matters involving victims who are children, adolescents, adults, and people with disabilities, he has lectured to prosecutors, law enforcement, medical experts, advocates and other allied professionals as well as the public. He continues to train and consult internationally and lives in Washington, D.C.