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Book Launch

An Evening with Antonia Felix, Book Launch at Bryant-Lake Bowl. Saturday, June 9.

About the book:


"Felix's novel takes the reader into a dark and sinister world where medicine, greed and lust combine to engross the senses from beginning to end-a disturbing and thrilling book." 
-Alan Cooke, Emmy© award-winning filmmaker, actor and writer

Psychiatrists in the pocket of the big drug companies. Teenagers killing themselves after a week on an anti-depressant. Women patients seduced by their psychiatrists and driven further into vulnerability and despair. Following a lifetime interest in depth psychology, Antonia Felix turned to modern, pill-obsessed psychiatry for the drama of her first novel and found the old saying more accurate than ever: truth is stranger than fiction. Based on headline-making news and legal documents about cases across the country, FATAL REMEDY is a thriller that uncovers criminality where we least expect it: in the sanctuary of the consulting room and sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.