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Revising the Revision Process: An Analytical System for Incremental Improvement

Christopher Kinniburgh, Advisor: Mary Rockcastle

Revision is a key element in every prose writer's creative process. Through the lens of fiction writing, “Revising The Revision Process” proposes a methodology for increasing awareness of, and improving upon, a writer's revision process. Drawing on interviews with prominent writers and editors, I was able to understand the variety of strategies and tactics used by different authors during their revision processes. From outside research, reading both interviews with writers about their process as well as reading about learning methods, I was able to propose a methodology a writer could use to improve her revision process. Analyzing and reflecting upon the current state of a writer's process enables the writer to reconsider how and why she revises the way she does. This mindful approach to writing gives the writer the opportunity to make considered, iterative improvements on his process over time. Various ways of realizing potential vectors of improvement for revision are discussed. Actively engaging in the process of revision allows the writer to become more engaged in her writing, more productive with her time, and more qualified to troubleshoot potential process problems which may arise in the future.