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Hamline Launches MBA Program

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Hamline University launched a master of business administration (MBA) program through the Graduate School of Management in January. The new program builds on Hamline’s twenty-five-year history of providing management education in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to the state’s leaders.

“We saw a need that wasn’t being met, and developed a unique program with a common name,” Graduate School of Management Dean Julian Schuster said. “We are ranked as the top comprehensive university in Minnesota, and we have the duty to produce a program that reflects that status.”

The new MBA program distinguishes itself from other programs through its module-based approach. Instead of choosing from a list of classes, students will progress sequentially through the program’s four modules, which organize the required skills and topics into integrated units.

“No other program is integrated like ours is, with courses taken in thematic blocks,” Schuster said. “These blocks are directly linked to learning outcomes that lead people through the program with intentionality and purpose.”

“All programs claim to build, taking students through basic, advanced, and specifically focused courses, but none integrate them like we do,” Schuster added. “In many programs you learn accounting in your first year and never use it again. In Hamline’s program, you learn skills and apply them in increasingly complicated ways.”

Initial feedback has been positive. An editorial published by the editors of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on November 14, 2007, praised Hamline’s entry into the MBA market by noting that “venerable Hamline’s 153-year history is a long story of serving this state by identifying its post-secondary education needs and creatively meeting them.” Interest in the program has also been strong, with the number of applicants exceeding expectations.

“I was very happy with the organization and logistics of the program—it is very attainable for working adults,” said student Amanda Hedin.

The Hamline MBA is a twenty-one-month cohort program, offered one day a week. Classes on both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses began in January with strong enrollments, and the program anticipates steady growth over the next few years. The program builds on Hamline’s master’s in management (MAM) program, and students currently in that program have the option of either finishing their MAM degree or transferring into the MBA program.

“I came to Hamline because I wanted to be a part of the school’s history,” said student Anthony Staffenhagen. “I wanted to feel the pioneer spirit of Hamline by being at the forefront of a new and reputable MBA program.”

For more information, please visit www.hamline.edu/mba

By: Breanne Hanson Hegg