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From MPR's Morning Edition: Jim talks about his new book of poetry, reads selections.

INVISIBLE STRINGS, the newest book of poetry from MFA professor Jim Moore.  

Jim Moore, adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Liberal Studies, has a new book of poetry, his seventh, out this month from Graywolf Press. The poems in Invisible Strings "observe time moving past us moment by moment. In that accrual, line by line, is the anxiety and acceptance of aging, the mounting losses of friends to death or divorce, the accounting of frequent-flyer miles and cups of coffee, and the poet’s own process of writing. It is a world of both diminishment and triumphs." Jim Moore, says Mary Rockcastle, Dean of the Graduate School of Liberal Studies, "is a national treasure. In this new book he captures, with beauty and precision and wisdom, those ordinary moments in our everyday lives and shows us why and how they matter. The silence in these poems is loud. It enters you while you're reading; forces you to slow down, think, and listen; and it lingers long after you've finished." 

Listen to Jim Moore's interview with Euan Kerr as well as Jim reading a selections from his new collection, Invisible Strings.