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Dozens of Improvements are Underway Across Campus and Will Be Done in Time for Fall Classes

The University Center—replete with heavy construction and earth-moving equipment—may be the most visible improvement project underway at Hamline this summer, but it’s far from the only one.

“We work on about 70 projects in an average year,” Lowell Bromander, associate vice president for facilities services, said. “The vast majority of those are done during the summer. That’s our crunch time.”

Currently there are several dozen renovations proceeding across campus including a newly resurfaced basketball floor in Hutton Arena, a vibrantly-redesigned aesthetic for the Anne Simley Theatre, new roofs for the law school and Robbins Science Center, and visual improvements to classroom interiors.

Lamar Shingles, coordinator of campus recreation and student activities, says he’s most excited about the new sports program desk and conference room currently being constructed in the lower level of Walker Fieldhouse.

“It’s going to really cool; students will be able to check out a variety of sports equipment,” Shingles said. “And any student organization or group will be able to book the conference room for meetings.”

While some projects are performed by outside contractors, many are still done in-house by the Facilities Services office.

“We hope the student experience is improved by our work,” Ken Dehkes, director of facilities operations and horticulture services, said. “We want to make campus more accessible, more comfortable, and more distinguished.”    

These renovations also help Hamline’s campus become increasingly sustainable and energy-efficient. Recently-installed LED lights in the pool facility, for instance, will save more than $7,000 in electricity bills per year. Similar technology is slated to be installed across campus by next summer.

“We have a very unique campus,” Bromander said. “We want people to walk around, in and out of buildings, and identify it as a part of Hamline.”