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Summer Orientation Program Welcomes Class of 2015 to Hamline

Performing the Piper Clap isn’t easy; it requires energy, passion, and deeply-ingrained pride for Hamline University.

For the class of 2015, due to start their college careers in the fall, learning that tradition is just one confirmation that they’re now a part of the Hamline community.

Piper Preview, a series of five two-day summer orientation sessions, is designed to give new students a glimpse into what life is like as a Hamline student as well as to foster excitement and pride.

“New students spend the day and stay overnight on campus, and they have a blast. That confirms that they’ve made the right choice in coming here,” Jayne Sommers, coordinator of orientation and first year programs, said.

Participants also leave with tangible items such as their ID card, university gear, and their first semester class schedule after being advised by faculty and staff.

Parents and family members are also provided with sessions focusing on many important issues including learning about the transition to college and how to support students as they begin their undergraduate career.

Undergraduate orientation leaders, called new student mentors (NSMs), provide leadership during Piper Preview by hosting small groups, fostering community, and having a heavy dose of fun.

“My favorite part of the whole event is an interactive game show called Becoming a Piper,” Sommers said. “Everyone gets really excited about competing with their small groups and seeing their NSM make fun of themselves. We want them to see this is a fun and open place.”

Students and family members leave with questions answered, new friends, and an intense sense of Hamline pride.  

“We want them to know that they’re Pipers now,” Sommers said.

Want to find out more? Visit Hamline’s orientation programs web page or check out the Piper Preview facebook page.

You can see Piper Pride on display during the Becoming a Piper game show by watching this video from Hamline’s YouTube channel.