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Center for Global Environmental Education mentors junior high school, now recipient of sustainability award

As Hamline’s environmentally-friendly efforts continue to expand on its own campus, the university applauds Humboldt Junior High School for receiving a 2011 Sustainable Saint Paul Award.

Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman presented the junior high school with the prestigious award that recognizes outstanding achievements of individuals, businesses, and organizations that serve to protect and restore the environment of Saint Paul. In 2008, Hamline University School of Education's Center for Global Environmental Education was awarded $90,000 to establish Professional Learning Communities for teachers at Humboldt Junior High School. 

Granted by the Saint Paul Foundation and The F.R. Bigelow Foundation, this award allowed Hamline staff and faculty to mentor Humboldt High School’s management and staff in professional learning communities, as they transitioned to an environmental studies and college/career preparatory school.

Now, with a mission to educate a global community who are environmentally aware and college prepared, Humboldt has won the 2011 Sustainable St. Paul Award for Environmental Education and Awareness. 

“We are committed to helping teachers understand the content, skills, and attitudes associated with teaching science and environmental literacy, and will help them translate this knowledge into actual classroom practice,” said Tracy Fredin, director of the Center for Global Environmental Education.

With growing efforts to improve education, environmental studies have shown tremendous promise as curriculum that engages students and raises academic achievement. Several studies have indicated that schools that implement an environment-based curriculum help young people build a sense of community within their school, as well as externally with parents and their neighborhood.

Along with helping build school community, Hamline's efforts have helped cultivate relationships with environmental partners, foster service learning projects, and create a culture of environmental understanding and stewardship through the implementation of an environmental education-infused curriculum.

Winning the Mayor's Sustainable Saint Paul Award is a well-deserved achievement for the school and an important illustration of Humboldt's ongoing success story.