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Such works are unique to the university. They convey a strong sense of place for students and faculty and staff members and serve as an instant reminder to alumni of happy days spent on campus. They make Hamline memorable for visitors and for prospective students.

Last spring, new works of art by local artists, staff members, and an alumna were installed in campus classrooms, helping to make them as distinctive as Hamline. The new works all represent the university, yet their perspectives vary greatly. Seeing Hamline through these artists’ eyes, we can’t help but wonder: how do you see Hamline?

To gather inspiration for his painting, “The Bishop and the Piper” (previous spread), Eddie Hamilton took a walk on campus with his one-year-old daughter. “She was fascinated by the steps at the School of Law, so I made sure to include them,” he says. “The experience gave me different perspectives to use in the painting and time to reflect on what my daughter’s college experience may hold.”

The “Heech” sculpture is the work of Iranian born Parviz Tanavoli, who served as a visiting artist at Hamline in 1971. This piece is part of Tanavoli’s famous sculpture series based on the Persian word “heech,” which means “nothing.” “Heech” sculptures are found in prestigious museums and galleries throughout the world.

Collage artist Andrée Tracey (“Letters Home” and “Valedictorian”) is drawn to retro designs and historical data. “I love a good story and vintage artifacts seem to be infused with tales—imagined or otherwise,” she says. With more than 150 years of history, she found Hamline “a perfect fit for my artistic inclination.”

A favorite spot on campus for quiet reflection or chats with friends, the Blue Garden was created in 2004 in honor of Sue Osnes, wife of former president Larry Osnes, and in memory of their daughter, Tami Sue (1966–1972). Named for Tami Sue’s favorite color, it is planted with perennial flowers in shades of blue.

1. The Bishop and the Piper -- Hamline University by Eddie Hamilton
2. Old Main Print by Adam Turman
3. Walking the the Campus by Michael Schmidt
4. Heech by Parviz Tanavoli
5. Letters Home and Valedictorian by Andrée Tracey
6. Statue of Bishop Hamline by Michael Price

7. Blue Garden Wall by Oslund and Associates