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Thirty ton Bridgman Court wall moves across campus to create sculpture garden


Thirty tons of history is making a trek across Hamline's campus. Created more than 50 years ago to commemorate Hamline's first 100 years as a university, Bridgman Court monument, which has rested on the corner of Snelling and Englewood Avenue, is now on the move.

The sculpture is made up of 30 stone blocks each weighing roughly 1,800 pounds and a base adding another 3,000 pounds to its total weight. Consequently, the move has been a challenge.

Kristin Cheronis, a nationally renowned monument and object conservator, is providing technical advice to Hamline's Facilities Department and contractors to help ensure that the move is successful and that the historical monument's preserved properly.

After being disassembled and relocated, the monument will be put back together next to Bush Memorial Library and Hamline School of Law to create a sculpture garden (as it will be right next to the Blue Garden).