Weather Closure

January 22, 2018

Classes on Hamline University’s Saint Paul and Minneapolis campuses will be cancelled on Monday, January 22 starting at 4 p.m. due to the snowstorm. Dining Services will still be serving dinner at the Bishop’s Bistro from 5-7 p.m.

Hamline News

Take a look back at Hamline's class of 2010 and hear why and how they plan to give back

It is with slight disbelief that members of Hamline’s class of 2010 look back on the last four years of their lives.

“It went really fast, but it helped to have a lot of people here helping me and cheering me along,” said business administration major Rianna Kelash. “Graduation definitely feels like a major accomplishment after a lot of hard work.”

The 2010 graduates have now joined thousands of people across the globe who call themselves Hamline alumni. Even as the class of 2010 moves on to new goals and challenges, they will always share the common bond of their Hamline experience and the opportunity to pass that on to current and future students.

“Now it’s my turn to give back,” Kelash said.

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