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Hamline political science prof. serves as delegate to UN Commission on the Status of Women

Hamline political science professor, Karen Vogel, joins women from across the globe for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women's 54th session.

Delegations from United Nations member states throughout the world and non-governmental organizations will discuss what progress has been made on issues of equality and empowerment for women and girls around the world. The groups will review improvement based on goals set at a similar conference in Beijing, China in 1995. 

“It’s designed to highlight both achievements regarding women's empowerment and equal treatment, as well as the continuing challenges women face around the world,” Vogel said. “The reports at these meetings are intended to yield strategies and proposals for the agenda on women's issues at the Untied Nations for the next five years.” 

Vogel works with the United Nations Association of Minnesota; her teaching, research, and knowledge of gender issues and non-governmental agencies all led to her appointment to this delegation. She is also working on a sabbatical project, looking at gender equality architecture reform within United Nations women’s agencies.

Some of the questions and issues Vogel is interested in learning more about over the next couple of weeks include: what are the most pressing areas of concern for women and girls around the world, where have United Nations member states been successful, and where have they fallen short in aiding women?

You can follow along with Vogel and some of the other delegates during this experience as they blog from the United Nations. Read the blog by clicking here.