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During J-term, some Hamline students are belly-dancing their way to warmth

Some Hamline University students took refuge from the cold on Friday nights during January term by taking part in a belly dancing workshop hosted by campus life.

Belly dancing is an ancient style of dance that originates in the Middle East and North Africa, although the exact time and place are debated. The workshops allow students to learn some of the basic moves while also getting a good workout. 

“Belly dancing is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the United States,” claimed Becky Krueger who teaches the course, which was free and offered through the Student Leadership and Activities department at Hamline.

Krueger graduated from Hamline University in 1998 and since graduation picked up the sport of belly dancing.

“I really enjoy this,” said Jessy Hennesy, a current Hamline student.

“Belly dancing strengthens core muscles and is a low-impact activity, which makes it easier on the joints,” Krueger said.

There is talk of extending to program into spring semester due to the level of student interest.

“It is something we are definitely looking into,” said Wendy Burns the director of Student Leadership and Activities.

Click here to see a short video of the belly dancing class. For more information on the classes, call Lamar Singles at (651) 523-2950.