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Back-to-Back Books

Hamline School of Business professor David Schultz has his name on the shelves again with two new books published back to back in December 2009 and January 2010. Evicted and Constitutional Law in Contemporary America become two of more than 20 books written by Schultz on topics ranging from civil service reform, campaign finance reform, media and politics and more.

"Constitutional Law in Contemporary America was written to provide undergraduate students with a new constitutional law text that addresses the issues the law confronts in the twenty-first century,” Schultz said. ”It represents more than twenty years of my teaching and research as it tries to explain what the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights have meant over time and today.”

Schultz says the second text, Evicted, utilizes his nearly 30 years of professional experience as a planner, city official, and academic to cut through the misunderstanding about eminent domain and property law.

At Hamline University, Schultz also brings his expertise to doctoral and masters-level students in public, non-profit, and business administration. The classes he teaches include the topics of professional ethics, legislative process, research methods, housing and economic policy, and public policy.

Click here to read more about his work at Hamline’s School of Business and beyond. You can click the titles to learn more about the books Evicted and Constitutional Law in Contemporary America.