• Student Leader Selection 

    Student Leader Selection is a collaboration between multiple offices to identify and select students for various leadership positions across campus during the 2017-2018 academic year.  


    February 1 | Online application becomes available (a link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page).
    February 13 | Online applications are due at 8:00am.
    February 20 - March 3 | Interviews; Should you be offered the opportunity to interview, you will be contacted following the application deadline with detailed information as to how to sign up for an interview time. Each position will involve independent interviews (except in the case of all HUPB positions; you will complete one interview no matter how many roles on HUPB you apply for). 
    March 8 - Decision letters will be made available at noon.

    Student Leader Positions for 2017-2018

    Below you will find a list of student leader positions available through the Student Leader Selection process. Descriptions of each position available by clicking on each position title. Contact the identified person for additional information with specific questions. 

     Money Revolution Intern       Dean of Students Pam Berry
    Transfer New Student Mentor (TNSM)    Dean of Students Cathy Carter
    Resident Advisor (RA)  Residential Life  Stephanie Kane-Burback
    Residential Life Summer Assistant Residential Life Stephanie Kane-Burback
    Commuter Student Community Coordinators Student Activities/Orientation & First Yr Programs  Allie Quinn
    First Year New Student Mentors (NSM)   Student Activities/Orientation & First Yr Programs  Becky Kaarbo
    Development & Outreach Coordinator  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB) Lacey Squier
    Films & Off Campus Programmer  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)   Lacey Squier 
    Graphics Coordinator  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)  Lacey Squier
    Homegrown Programmer  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)   Lacey Squier 
    Late Night Programmer Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB) Lacey Squier
    Marketing Coordinator   Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)  Lacey Squier
    Special Events Programmer  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)  Lacey Squier
    Weekend Programmer  Student Activities/Programming Board (HUPB)  Lacey Squier
    Homecoming Planners Team Leaders               Student Activities Lacey Squier
    Student Ambassador Undergraduate Admission Lauren Loeffler
    Telecounselor  Undergraduate Admissions  Mai Chue Moua 
    Leadership Interns      Student Activities  Wendy Roberson
    Institute for Academic Success (IAS) Advisor Student Activities Wendy Roberson
    Yearbook Staff Student Activities Wendy Roberson
    Peer Educators Leadership Team  Counseling & Health Services Katy Rimstad

    In addition to the job-related duties outlined in the position descriptions, below are characteristics and requirements we seek in student leader candidates:

    • Enthusiastic
    • Dependable
    • Open minded to difference
    • Ability to balance priorities
    • Hard working
    • Dedicated to position
    • Pride in Hamline University
    • Organized
    • Ability to hold people accountable
    • Ability to work with a variety of individuals and audiences
    • Comfortable speaking in front of small and larger groups
    • Cumulative 2.5 GPA 

    Application Instructions - AppLy HERE

    The online application will be made available on this site beginning February 1, 2017. As you go through the application process, we know you may have many questions. Please read this page, the job descriptions and requirements of each position carefully before applying, to make sure you not only qualify for these positions, but also have a genuine interest before making the decision to apply.

    Be prepared to complete the application once you have started. This application does not have the ability to be saved and continued at a later time. Below you will find the essay questions for the application:

    • Why are you interested in the student leadership position(s) for which you have applied? 
    • How could you use these roles to impact the campus community in a positive way? 
    • How could you challenge yourself to learn and grow in regards to diversity and social justice?
    • Often student leaders are role models on campus, what does being a role model mean to you?   

    We encourage you to write your answers to these questions in Microsoft Word and at the time of applying copy and paste your answers into the fields provided. By doing this, you not only finish the application without losing information, but you also you have the opportunity to grammatically check your writing before submission.

    You are also encouraged to prepare a resume, as many of the hiring staff members will request one. Please consider contacting the Career Development Center for assistance with developing your resume and your interview skills. 


    Although you will complete a single online application form for all of the positions available through the selection process, each Office/Program area will be conducting their own separate interviews. This is important to note because the interview process may differ great for each position that you apply. For example, one position may require you to participate in a group process interview and an individual interview, while another position may only schedule an individual interview for the top applicants. Be sure to take your time and note the specific requirements for EACH position, prior to submitting your application. 

    Additionally, please note that you are not guaranteed an interview upon submitting your application. Once applications have been submitted, students will be contacted with with information regarding how to sign up for an interview time or a note confirming they are not being advanced to the next round in the process. 

    *Form will be available on February 1, 2017