• Strategic Planning Process

    Hamline University completed its strategic planning process in 2019. We thank all the members of our community who are invested in Hamline’s future and participated in this critical part of our work together.


    The initial stages of the strategic planning process began in 2015 during President Miller’s first year at Hamline University and concluded in 2017. She invited faculty and staff to participate in a new university strategic planning committee to “review the existing strategic plan (and ultimately…help guide the development of a new strategic plan) and monitor progress toward realizing the plan."

    The University Strategic Planning Committee (USPC), then co-chaired by former Vice President for Finance Margaret Tungseth and Vice President and General Counsel Cathy Wassberg, was introduced to the community in November 2017. The UPSC established a work plan and created two task forces: one for budget planning and development and one to develop a strategic plan for presentation to the USPC.

    In Fall 2017, the Strategic Plan Task Force (SPTF) sought input from the University Strategic Planning Committee and university leadership in order to develop the plan. Following this work, an SPTF workgroup developed strategic initiatives based on information originally gathered by the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Business in Fall 2017. Another workgroup focused on students and staff, soliciting information from these constituent groups via the use of specially developed surveys.

    After the information had been gathered, the 2017 long-term goals and supporting objectives were reviewed and revised to develop 2018 long-term goals and guiding principles which were: Excellence in Academics and University Life; Financial Stability and Sustainability; Philanthropy; and, Mission Integrity and Identity. These goals served as the foundation for subsequent university strategic planning activities.

    In part because of this ongoing and broad-based process of development and renewal, the university’s mission, vision, and values as implemented through the strategic plan are clearly visible across the university. The manner by which the plan developed embodied the core values of Hamline’s mission: to draw from and collaborate with our diverse community of students; faculty and staff, who remain dedicated to the development of students’ knowledge, values, and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.

    In 2018-19, the work proceeded and involved open forums, input solicited via forms and surveys, and targeted meetings. Board of Trustees (BOT) review was solicited and incorporated into the strategic directions.

    The USPC met regularly (approximately monthly) between January 2018 and May 2019. The SPTF solicited feedback from students which was used to inform edits and revisions to the draft plan. The provost also provided regular updates regarding the strategic planning process to faculty meetings in the College of Liberal Arts.

    The BOT executive committee reviewed a working draft plan in June 2019, which was presented to USPC, administrators, faculty, students, and staff in late summer/early fall 2019. The plan was presented to the BOT for review and discussion in October 2019 and was approved at that time.