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    The Hamline Plan

    The Hamline Plan changes every year. Use the links below to navigate to your Hamline Plan.

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    FYSem - First-Year Seminar - 1 course

    All new first-year students 24 years of age or younger throughout the first term of attendance are required to take a First-year Seminar in the first semester.

    E - Expository Writing - 1 course

    This requirement is fulfilled by FYW 1120: Composition and Research and writing-intensive fysems, which must be completed during your first year at Hamline.

    W - Writing Intensive - 1 course minimum per year

    If you do not complete a writing-intensive course during a year, you must complete an extra writing-intensive course the following year.

    One writing-intensive course is also required within your major's department.

    O - Speaking Intensive - 2 courses

    The required speaking intensive courses can be taken at any time and in any academic department.

    R and M - Formal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning - 1 or 2 courses

    You must complete both categories of Reasoning. This can be accomplished through one formal reasoning course and one quantitative reasoning course, or through one course that carries both the R and M designations.

    F - Fine Arts – total of 8 credits

    You must complete enough fine arts courses to equal eight credits.

    H - Humanities – 2 courses

    You can find humanities courses in English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Religion.

    N - Natural Science – 2 courses, at least one with a lab

    You must complete two natural science courses, at least one of which must have a lab.

    S - Social Science – 2 courses

    Social Science courses can usually be found in Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, Legal Studies, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

    D - Diversity - 2 courses

    While at Hamline, you are required to complete courses which engage in intellectual discourse and reflection about and across differences.

    G - Global Citizenship - 1 course

    Courses that address global citizenship can be found in many departments, including Global Studies, Modern Languages, and Political Science.

    C - Collaboration - 1 course

    Students complete coursework that focuses on developing and strengthening collaborative skills.

    Q - Independent Critical Inquiry and Information Literacy - 1 course

    This requirement is found in upper level courses, and will most likely be included in your senior seminar.

    P - LEAP: Liberal Education as Practice - 1 course or registered experience

    LEAP experiences include LEAP (P) courses as well as faculty-advised internships, undergraduate research projects, apprentice teaching, and qualifying independent studies/projects.