Campus is open Feb. 20

February 20, 2019

Hamline University is open on Feb. 20.All classes and events will take place today as scheduled. Your safety is important, please take appropriate travel precautions. If there are updates, watch your Hamline email, Twitter, Facebook, or or sign up for text messages here:
  • Hamline students gather in Anderson Center

    The Hamline Plan

    The Hamline Plan changes every year. Use the links below to navigate to your Hamline Plan.

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    Refer to the Bulletin for detailed information and major requirements »

    Note: To find Hamline Plans from past years, navigate to the bulletin.

    FYSem - First-Year Seminar - 1 course

    All new first-year students 24 years of age or younger throughout the first term of attendance are required to take a First-year Seminar in the first semester.

    E - Expository Writing - 1 course

    This requirement is fulfilled by FYW 1120: Composition and Research and writing-intensive fysems, which must be completed during your first year at Hamline.

    W - Writing Intensive - 1 course minimum per year

    If you do not complete a writing-intensive course during a year, you must complete an extra writing-intensive course the following year.

    One writing-intensive course is also required within your major's department.

    O - Speaking Intensive - 2 courses

    The required speaking intensive courses can be taken at any time and in any academic department.

    R and M - Formal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning - 1 or 2 courses

    You must complete both categories of Reasoning. This can be accomplished through one formal reasoning course and one quantitative reasoning course, or through one course that carries both the R and M designations.

    F - Fine Arts – total of 8 credits

    You must complete enough fine arts courses to equal eight credits.

    H - Humanities – 2 courses

    You can find humanities courses in English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Religion.

    N - Natural Science – 2 courses, at least one with a lab

    You must complete two natural science courses, at least one of which must have a lab.

    S - Social Science – 2 courses

    Social Science courses can usually be found in Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, Legal Studies, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

    D - Diversity - 2 courses

    While at Hamline, you are required to complete courses which engage in intellectual discourse and reflection about and across differences.

    G - Global Citizenship - 1 course

    Courses that address global citizenship can be found in many departments, including Global Studies, Modern Languages, and Political Science.

    C - Collaboration - 1 course

    Students complete coursework that focuses on developing and strengthening collaborative skills.

    Q - Independent Critical Inquiry and Information Literacy - 1 course

    This requirement is found in upper level courses, and will most likely be included in your senior seminar.

    P - LEAP: Liberal Education as Practice - 1 course or registered experience

    LEAP experiences include LEAP (P) courses as well as faculty-advised internships, undergraduate research projects, apprentice teaching, and qualifying independent studies/projects.