• Public Health

    The field of public health focuses on improving the health and wellness of populations. This is different from the field of medicine, aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat illness, one individual at a time. Thus, the field of public health is broad, with many sub-disciplines, including health promotion, health education, chronic disease prevention, infectious disease prevention and outbreak investigation, health promotion, health and wellness program development, health policy and advocacy, environmental and occupational health, epidemiology, food safety, behavioral and mental health sciences, community health, and international/global health. The job outlook in public health is excellent.

    Prerequisite Coursework

    Unlike many graduate programs, public health graduate programs do not usually have a set list of prerequisites. However, it is very important to connect with the graduate admissions office to find out any prerequisites for each program that you are considering.

    Usually, the most important thing graduate programs are looking for in their applicants is relevant internship experience. Therefore, it is crucial to have at least one internship (one is required in the Public Health Sciences Major at Hamline) completed that is public health relevant before applying to a graduate program.

    Relevant Tests

    Most programs require the GRE. Check with each program you are considering to find out their specific requirements.

    Degree Programs

    The most common public health graduate program is the Masters of Public Health (MPH). Depending on the institution’s program offerings, there are a number of concentrations that students can specialize in (for example, Community Health, Health Education, Epidemiology, Maternal and Child Health, Minority Health, Health Services Administration, Biostatistics, etc.) Doctorates in Public Health are also available at many graduate institutions. Some institutions also offer a Master of Science in Public Health, which is usually more research-oriented than the MPH.

    It is very important to check with the programs you are interested in to see what degrees and concentration areas they offer, as it varies from institution to institution.

    Application Resources