• Service Program & Events

    Community Service Advising

    We offer support for students and/or student organizations who seek to engage in community service. Stop by the Wesley Center or schedule an appointment to learn more about community partners and/or community service opportunities. We encourage you to meet with the Coordinator of Community Service Initiatives. Browse our list of current volunteer opportunities in the Twin Cities area.

    Contact: Kevin Yang | kyang45@hamline.edu


    Hamline to Hamline Collaboration

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    The Hamline to Hamline Collaboration is an over 125 year relationship between Hamline Elementary and Hamline University. University students can volunteer through a variety of opportunities. For example, the Hand in Hand volunteer program pairs Hamline University students with Hamline Elementary students to provide mentorship at the elementary school.


    Hand in Hand

    Hand in Hand is a Hamline University student organization that pairs Hamline University students with Hamline Elementary students through a mentoring program at the elementary school. HIH is made possible by the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration

    Contact: hih@hamline.edu


    HU Better Together Campaign

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    Better Together is an initiative run through the Interfaith Youth Core. It is a national student campaign for interfaith action. By finding common values between faith and non-faith groups we can have engaging conversations, tell stories, and do meaningful service work. We are dedicated to raising levels of religious literacy and interfaith cooperation on campus! Our student leaders are Amber Todd, Karina Hunt, Wuang Yang, and Miranda Chimzar. 

    Contact: bettertogether@hamline.edu


    LEAP into St. Paul

    LEAP into St. Paul is an annual orientation program which introduces first-year students to opportunities for community engagement with the neighborhoods and communities that surround them with their First Year Seminar course. 

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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration and Day of Service

    Members of Hamline University and neighboring communities join together for a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. The day begins with the annual Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration event in Sundin Music Hall, featuring music from the Hamline Gospel Choir. In addition, the Day of Service offers the Hamline community a tangible way for university members to purposefully act to transform Dr. King’s life and teachings into community building. Pre-registered faculty, staff, students and community members participate in service opportunities at one of several local community organizations.


    McVay Youth Partnership

    An after-school program in which Hamline students serve as mentors and role models working with urban middle and high school youth three afternoons per week in partnership with area churches and community centers. Fellows and Interns provide homework help, lead theme-based programming, recreation, cooking, music, and crafts.

    Contact: Jane Krentz | jkrentz01@hamline.edu

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