• Respecting Your Neighbors


    • It is important to become acquainted with your neighbors right away.

    • By properly introducing yourself, you can establish a friendly relationship with them.

    • Introductions provide for an open, communicative neighborhood. If problems should arise in the future, you will most likely be able to resolve them without involving the authorities.

    Maintain your Property:

    • It is important to understand whether your landlord will be fulfilling the responsibility for yard work and snow removal.

    • If you will be responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, yard, or entrance to the property, you must be sure to keep up with the tasks.

    • If your landlord is responsible for the grounds, make sure he or she is upholding the duty.

    Keep your Noise Level Down:

    • This is especially important at night in areas where there may be families and non-college students living.

    • Don’t make unnecessary noise.

    • A good general rule is to follow the city ordinances regarding noise.

    • Always be courteous.

    Be Respectful if Hosting a Party:

    • If your plan to have a party, notify your neighbors in advance.

    • Limit the number of guests to a reasonable number.

    • Obey maximum capacity for the property.

    • Try to keep any noise inside.

    • Remind your guests to leave quietly.

    Keep in Mind:

    • If you are living in the Midway area, you are surrounded by renters and home owners of various ages who are at various stages of life.

    • Even if you and your roommates are respectful neighbors, animosity may still exist between you and your neighbors due to the lasting impressions of past renters.

    • Many people may label your with a certain stereotype because you are a college student.

    • It will be beneficial for all if you are aware of the stereotypes and work hard to leave your neighbors with a positive example.

    • Your neighbors may be your best friends or your worst enemies. Always treat them with respect.