• Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords

    Certificate of Rent Paid:

    • Your landlord must give you a Certificate of Rent Paid by January 31 or each year.

    • This may allow you to receive a partial refund for the property tax paid.


    • The rental unit must be fit to live in.

    • The rental unit must be kept in a reasonable repair.

    • The rental unit must be in compliance with the state and local health and housing codes.

    • If it is not up to code and the unit is inspected, the Fire Marshal may force the renter to move out of the property immediately.

    Housing Codes:

    All rental properties must be up to code including:

    • Basic requirements for the maintenance of the exterior and exterior structures.

    • Extermination of rodents and insects.

    • Compliance with fire and safety codes.

    • Weatherization of rental units.

    The information above has been gathered with permission from, “Student Legal Services Tenant Resource Guide”, a resource produced by University Student Legal Services at the University of Minnesota.