•  Statement of Purpose

    Statement of Purpose

    The Hamline University Office of Residential Life provides opportunities for personal growth and development that enhances students' educational experience. The Office of Residential Life supports residential communities that facilitate a successful transition to college life, provide leadership opportunities for residents, and encourages involvement in the direction and goals of the living environment. The Residential Program provides a connection to campus life, enhances academic achievement, and fosters individual responsibility for actions while recognizing individual interests, multiculturalism, ambitions, values, and abilities.

    Statement of Diversity

    The Office of Residential Life fosters living communities that support and affirm all students. A sensitive, well-trained professional and paraprofessional staff provides residents with multicultural programming and opportunities for diversity education that create a safe and healthy environment. The Office of Residential Life supports and celebrates students regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, national origin, marital or partnered status, age, or disability; and does not tolerate Acts of Intolerance (see acts of Intolerance under policies.)