• Summer Conference Housing and Dining Application 

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    Terms and Conditions


    • Summer conference facilities are available to departments, faculty and staff at Hamline University. If not affiliated with Hamline University, non-profit organizations must be sponsored by a Hamline University department. Those not sponsored by a Hamline University department must seek approval from the Summer Conference Staff and the Director of Residential Life.
    • Residential space will be reserved will be reserved only after a final contract with a guarantee number is issued and signed by the authorized representative.
    • A decrease in the guarantee number outlined in the contract may be made up to two weeks prior to arrival and must be made in writing. After the two week time frame, no changes will be allowed and the department or organization will be liable for the guarantee number.
    • If the guarantee number should increase, the summer conference program will make every effort to accommodate the request, but additional residential space cannot be guaranteed.
    • The summer conference program reserves the right to reassign residential facilities to assure maximum utilization of space.

    Each group agrees to provide Hamline University with a complete list of all participants no later than two weeks prior to check-in. The group will be responsible to pay for this number of attendees (the guarantee) for food service and housing as a minimum, even if subsequent changes reduce the number of attendees and/or room nights requested. The list must include each participant’s full name, gender, and any special room requirements. This list must also include any early arrival or departures. Each group must promptly provide the University with any additions, deletions, or other changes to the participant list. Changed or late additions are subject to a $5.00/person  per change fee. 

    Hamline University does not guarantee availability of housing accommodation or meeting facilities in excess of 105% of the guaranteed numbers. If a final declaration of numbers is not given to Hamline University two weeks prior to the date of the check-in/registration time, Hamline University will assume attendance to be those estimated numbers listed under the housing and food service sections of the contract, for use of meeting facilities, on campus housing, and for food services, and each group will be responsible to pay for the guaranteed number. 

    • Any change to the dinning guarantee number outlined in the contract must be made in writing up to two weeks before the first meal. After the two week time frame, no changes will be allowed and the department or organization will be liable for the guarantee number.
    • Any missed meals will not be refunded.
    • The summer conference program offers a variety of dining options provided by Aramark:
      • Summer Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered as all-you-can eat buffet. Special meals, such as barbeques are available upon request as part of the meal plan.
      • Take Away Meals: Bag breakfasts and lunch boxes are available for pick up upon request. All orders require a one-week notice. Take away meal prices vary. 


    Deposits are due along with a signed contract and are equal to twenty-five percent of the estimated housing and cafeteria meals. 

    • Payment in full is required no later than thirty days after the final invoice has been sent.
    • Payment options include company check, cashier's check, or Hamline University interdepartmental funds transfer.  

    Written notification is required for all housing and dining cancellations. The following charges will be incurred:


    More than 60 days:     

    No payment is required 

    60-30 days:

    25% of total charges

    29-15 days:

    50% of total charges

    14 days or less:

    100% of total charges

    • There is a charge of $50 for each card or key card that is replaced and/or not returned at the time of check-out.
    • There will be a charge of $75 for each room that is not properly cleaned upon departure.


    The visiting group must provide one adult supervisor for each group of eight to ten children (those under the age eighteen) in each residence hall in use. This adult must enforce the rules and regulations of Hamline University. 


    All summer conference groups are required to have a designated on-site staff member who is responsible for the group and group participants. This person will be contacted in the event of an emergency.


    • Hamline facilities are contracted to groups, not individual participants, therefore check-in and check-out for each group is limited to a one to two-hour time block, rather than individual arrivals and departures. 
    • Special arrangements may be made through the Summer Conference Office if needed. Most check-in/outs are held in the lobby of Sorin Residence Hall. 


    • Each group agrees that all the participants of their group are under the direct and complete supervision of the group. The rules and regulations of Hamline University will be adhered to and followed by all participants of said group and enforced by the group’s leaders(s). 
    • The group and the undersigned individual will be liable for any and all damages resulting from the group and its participants’ and guests’ use of the facilities and services of Hamline University. 
    • The group and the undersigned individual will reimburse Hamline University for all the damages to facilities and services used by the group, it’s participants, or guests. 
    • The group and the undersigned will hold harmless Hamline University against any and all claims for loss, injury or damage to persons and/or property arising out of activities of the group, its participants, or guests. 
    • Hamline University assumes no liability for any property placed or left by the group, its participants, or its guests in Hamline facilities. 


    • Summer conference group that are not affiliated with Hamline University are required tol obtain comprehensive general liability insurance from an outside source in the amount $2,000,000 or more. Hamline University is to be named as an additional insured in that policy.
    • The Summer Conference program at Hamline University must receive a certificate of insurance evidencing the coverage no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the date the program begins. 

    All participants using summer conference facilities at Hamline University agree to abide by the above terms and all policies outlined in the contract and Hamline University policy brochure.



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