• Housing & Residential Life

    The on-campus residence halls and apartments at Hamline University are more than just places to eat and sleep. They are a culturally rich living and learning environments that allow you to focus on academic success, leadership and involvement, diversity and community.


    Living on campus allows you to broaden your horizons, gain independence, make lasting connections and be part of the vibrant social fabric of the Hamline community. The Office of Residential Life at Hamline University is proud to work with you to help you make the most of your time at Hamline University.

    As a residential student, you'll become part of a supportive, enriching, and fun community. Ease your transition to campus by:

    • participating in floor trips to places like the Guthrie Theater, the Mall of America, Como Zoo, and other Twin Cities cultural events
    • making new friends, as early as your first day on campus
    • feeling supported by a residential assistant and an area coordinator
    • learning your way around campus and utilizing its many resources
    • interacting with diverse people, cultures, and experiences
    • joining in on programs offered in your residence hall or apartment building


    Surveys show that students who choose to live on campus have better grades and feel more connected to campus than students who live off-campus. Be successful at Hamline by:

    • stopping by a professor’s office for one-to-one help
    • developing strong study skills at the Center for Academic Success and Achievement
    • tapping into campus leadership opportunities through student organizations and/or student government
    • improving your writing skills at the Writing Center
    • taking advantage of flu shots and other immunizations and counseling at the Office of Counseling and Health Services


    Our residential students enjoy living close to classes, computer labs, campus activities, the fitness center, professors and advisors, and study groups. The convenience of stopping into their rooms between classes as well as freedom from commuting hassles, arduous apartment hunting, and splitting utility bills creates more time for academics and fun. Hamline has an active campus community. Day or night there’s always something going on, making it easy for residential students to:

    • connect with classmates for a late-night study session
    • take in a movie or a concert on campus
    • become active in any of Hamline’s diverse student groups
    • grab a snack at Leo's Corner
    • cheer on Piper athletic teams