• HU Radio Constitution


    [Current as of 1/5/2012]


    Article I. Name

    A. Hamline Radio.

    Article II. Purpose 

    A. To develop a group of College of Liberal Arts students and campus organizations to act as a voice for the campus community by providing entertainment, news, and announcements through the Hamline radio station.   

    Article III. Membership 

    A. Membership in Hamline Radio shall be open to any Hamline University College of Liberal Arts student regardless of age, gender, race, social status, political affiliation, physical/mental disability, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

    B. An active member is defined as any Hamline University student that

    • i. signs up as a member during one of the tri-weekly meetings, or
    • b. notifies a member of the Executive Board that they wish to be placed on a contact list.

    C. A member of the station shall:

    • Miss no more than 2 shows per semester (with or without notifying the station manager or delegate)
    • Notify the programming manager if they will miss a show
    • Act in accordance with the Safe Harbor rules, as determined by the FCC
    • Attend meetings as outlined in Article VIII

    Article IV. Executive Board 

    A. The Hamline Radio Executive Board will consist of a station manager, an assistant manager, and a programming manager.

    B. The Hamline Radio Managerial Board will consist of the web promotions chair, the campus promotions chair, and the technology/operations chair, in addition to all members of the Hamline Radio Executive Board.

    C. The radio will be led by a station manager who retains the ultimate responsibility related to the content and direction of the radio station.

    D. No group or individual on campus (including staff, faculty, or administrative members of Hamline) will be allowed to determine broadcast content before a show is aired unless they are an active member of the radio station. Likewise, no unaffiliated individual or group may be held liable for any content that is broadcast.

    Article V. Election Procedure 

    A. At the first station meeting in March, descriptions of positions will be made available to all members of the radio station. Members can then nominate themselves or others for positions.

    B. Nominations will be narrowed down to the top three candidates in each category through an interview process with the Executive Board.

    C. At the first April meeting, nominees will present why they are qualified for the position, and the station will vote. A 2/3 written vote is required to approve a nominee.

    D. The advisor of Hamline Radio shall preside over the election process.

    Article VI. Removal of Staff 

    A. All members of the radio station may be relieved of their membership if they fail to fulfill their duties as a member of the station.

    B. Cause for removal of a non-executive staff member will be brought before the Executive Board, who will hear from the party in question and all who will testify for or against them.

    C. After the accused has made their case, the Executive Board members and advisor will discuss whether the party in question should remain a member of the station. There shall be a vote to determine the membership status of the party in question. A written statement documenting and clarifying why the party was dismissed shall be written by the station manager after consultation with, and approval by, the Executive Board.

    D. To remove a member of executive staff, the decision will be put before the Managerial Board, who will then hold an open vote. The decision will be based on a 2/3 majority. A written statement documenting and clarifying why the individual was dismissed shall be written by a member of the Managerial Board to be determined at that time.

    E. If a member misses more than 2 shows during a semester having notified the station manager or delegate, they shall be required to defend their absences before the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall then determine if the member is subject to removal per Article VI-B). If a member misses 2 shows during a semester without notification, that show is immediately cancelled and all radio privileges are revoked.

    Article VII. Meetings 

    A. Meetings shall be held once every three weeks.

    B. A member representing each show or program shall be required to attend or give notice why they cannot attend.

    C. Missing 3 meetings over the course of the year shall constitute grounds for dismissal from the radio station staff (per Article VI).

    Article VIII. Advisor 

    A. The radio station advisor shall serve as a resource for radio station staff members should they run into questions or difficult situations.

    B. The station manager will be expected to maintain frequent communication with the radio station advisor.

    Article IX. Ratification of the Constitution 

    A. A 2/3 vote by the members present at a station meeting will be necessary to ratify the constitution. If passed, the ratified constitution shall replace the existing Hamline Radio Constitution.

    Article X. Amendment 

    A. Should the need arise, this document may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the executive staff.

    B. Any and all amendments to this document shall be deemed effective immediately once approved by the executive staff.