Principles of Community and Governing Policies

Dean of Students Office

Hamline University is committed to providing an environment conducive to:

  • The acquisition of knowledge and the skill and wisdom to contribute to one's community in constructive ways
  • The creation and maintenance of an honest, just, intellectual, and educational atmosphere
  • The promotion of a diverse community through the creation of free-flowing discussion and analysis of ideas and values of many kinds
  • The protection of human rights, health, safety, welfare, and property of all members of the university and the property of the university itself

The university is further committed to fostering an educational environment based upon mutual respect. Such respect promotes a community in which all students feel free to pursue their education and cocurricular activities. Students are encouraged to respect the person and property of others and to listen and learn from differences rather than dismiss them. 

Given the geographic, racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity that exists within Hamline University's community, the goal of achieving a safe, supportive, and productive educational experience for all students requires mutual respect for one another's person and property and adherence to the policies and rules regarding student conduct. To this end, Hamline University has developed certain basic principles of community to govern the conduct of undergraduate and graduate students as members of the university community. Each academic unit has its own additional set of policies and procedures that governs the behavior of its respective members.

Student policies overview

Hamline University holds you to high expectations as a Hamline student, both in and out of the classroom. Hamline students are responsible for knowing the content of all policies and should review them regularly. Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 651-523-2421 (West Hall 106) if you have questions regarding any policy. Please refer to the university policies page for more details. Below are some policies of which you should be aware.

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