Manage Your Presence Page

Presence is Hamline's student engagement platform. It serves as our Student Organization Directory and Student Activities Calendar, and is a central location for students to learn about ways to get involved on campus. To learn about the basic functionalities of Presence and how you can use it for your student organization, check out the step-by-step tutorials below or view our recorded Presence 101 Training for Student Orgs.

Update your Presence profile

Does your organization need to update information on your Presence profile?

  1. Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in Presence
  2. Select your group
  3. Click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Make your changes and click submit

Create events

Does your organization have an upcoming event that you'd like to include in the Student Activities Calendar?

  • Visit the Events Admin Dashboard in Presence
  • Click the plus sign in the upper right corner
  • Complete all required fields and make sure you select your organization as "host"
  • The "contact email" you provide is where any inquiries from interested students will be sent
  • The "RSVP link" field is optional. If you complete it, a button will appear on the event page that will direct interested students to your RSVP form.

Event check-ins

Do you want to track attendance at your event by checking in attendees virtually?

  •  Download the Presence CheckPoint app (Apple or Android) on each device that will be checking students in to the event
  • Open the app and select "PIN login"
  • Enter the four-character PIN assigned to your event, found on the events page of the Presence Admin Portal
  • Check the student in by scanning their student ID or entering their information manually:
    • To scan a student's ID, select "barcode" and hover your device's camera over the barcode on the back of the ID card
    • To check a student in manually, select "manual entry" and enter their Student ID or email
    • If you need to check in students after an event has taken place, you can do so by selecting the event from the events page, selecting "attendees" on the upper toolbar, and then selecting on the "add attendees" button.

Update roster (student orgs)

Does your organization need to add or remove profile management access for specific users?

  1. Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in Presence
  2. Select your group
  3. Select "roster" at the top of the page
  4. Click the plus sign in order to add new users
  5. Click the pencil icon next to a user in order to remove them or edit their position

Create a profile (offices/departments)

Does your office or department want to create a Presence profile, in order to add events to the Student Activities Calendar?

  • Navigate to the Organization Registration Page and log in with your Hamline credentials
  • Complete the "basic information" section, ensuring that you select "offices/departments" under "categories."
  • Complete the "primary contact information" section, ensuring that you're providing the email that you would like student inquiries to be sent to. This can be an office email, and does not need to be a personal email. If providing an office email address, you can also put your office/area name as "contact name."
  • Select a cover image. You can upload your own image or logo, or select a stock image from the library.
  • Link your social media accounts if applicable.
  • In the "administrator access" section, list any professional or student staff that you would like to be provided with administrative access to your page. Those listed will be able to edit your page information and create events. Once your page is approved, the office/department email (if provided) will also be set up as a "user" in the system and provided with administrative access.