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Guest policy updated for COVID-19 for 2021–2022

The University monitors daily COVID-19 positive cases and if needed, the current guest policy, as listed below, will be updated and off-campus guests will not be allowed in the halls and visiting between halls will no longer be allowed. Please do your part in keeping our campus safe.

As we have been advised, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection is to practice social distancing and limit the number of points of contact you have with others while maintaining at least six feet of distance. The university is taking steps to limit the impact of the virus on our community and to slow its spread.

In support of the university's commitment to practice social distancing recommendations, all residents must wear a mask when you step outside of your dorm room. If someone knocks on your door, you must put on a mask when speaking to this person, who should also be masked.

Currently, on-campus residents and their off-campus guests can visit each other in various residence halls as long as a mask is worn at all times, regardless of vaccination status. When entering a residence hall, a mask must be worn. This includes entrances, foyers, hallways, stairwells, garages, elevators, community bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and common spaces.

As stated in the university and residence life policy, a guest is defined as any person who is not assigned by residence life to live in a particular room, suite or apartment. Should you or your guest be found in any of the above listed spaces inside of the residence halls without wearing a mask, you will be in direct violation of university policy. The guest will be asked to leave and disciplinary action will be taken with the resident.


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Residential Life policies are established to help create and maintain a healthy living community. These policies are in addition to the Hamline University Judicial Code provided on Hamline's policy page and are applicable to all residence hall, apartment, and house residents and their guests. Students who elect to live in Hamline University student housing will be held accountable for the following policies.

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The office of Residential Life at Hamline University works towards creating an environment that fosters academics and personal growth.

Read about our policies and procedures on our Hamline's policy page.

Quick phone reference : In case of emergency, dial 911