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    There's always something happening on campus. Connect with friends, learn new skills, stay physically healthy, and get involved in your campus community.

    You'll find many ways to connect with your fellow students and engage in your passions on and off campus.

    Student Organizations

    Cultural dance

    With nearly 80 student organizations, six music ensembles, and a variety of club sports, you'll find plenty of new ways to make friends and have fun on campus.

    Join a social justice group, jump into a new hobby, or even start your own group. Whether you're looking to expand your horizons, or find a group of like minded individuals, there're plenty of opportunities on campus.

    Get Involved with an Org 


    Track and field

    Join the Pipers cheering in the stands, or charge the field. Whether you want to compete for glory, or just have fun with your team, there's place for you at Hamline. 

    Try out for one of Hamline's 20 sport teams, or show your piper pride by attending a game at Klas field or CHS field. Becoming a Piper Athlete is a great way to get involved with Hamline's athletic community.

    Explore Athletics

    Intramural Sports & Campus Recreation

    Campus Recreation

    Join an intramural sand volleyball league, put together an indoor soccer team, find a club sport, or get involved in the campus-wide March Madness bracket.

    Hamline's campus recreation is available for all students hoping to participate in their sport of choice in a fun and inclusive atmosphere

    Join the Team

    Student Leadership

    HUSC 2015

    Hamline's leadership development programs help students develop their personal leadership identity and expand on their talents and strengths as leaders.

    Learn more about yourself as a leader, and the strategies that best fit your style and become a successful leader wherever you go.

    Become a Leader 

    Community service

    house building

    Effect change in your campus community and in the neighborhoods surrounding Hamline University by getting involved with community service.

    Students first start their path in service with Piper Passage during the first week of classes. Hamline is built upon the Methodist tradition of service, continued by the Wesley Center, committed to spirituality, service, and social justice. Students can volunteer for neighborhood cleanups and service trips, or participate in social change with Hamline's Center for Justice and Law.

    Create Change 

    Spiritual life

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    Hamline welcomes people of all religious traditions and experiences. You'll find many ways to enrich your spiritual life on campus.

    Join a group centered around your religious beliefs, engage in talks on interfaith and spirituality, or take the time to understand the faith of those around you.

    Explore Religious and Spiritual Life