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    Go places with SPAN

    SPAN attracts self-driven students who are intellectually curious and eager to acquire a global perspective. As Minnesota’s longest-running study abroad program, SPAN requires intensive pre-departure study, overseas field work, and extensive writing before, during and after spending a summer overseas.

    Before departure

    With assistance from faculty, who are researchers themselves and who are well-versed in the culture and customs of the summer 2022 destination –London, England -- students will:

    • select a research topic and learn research techniques by participating in a research methods module (Summer Session 1, on Hamline University)
    • explore the feasibility of conducting field work on your topic in London and surrounding areas, arrange interviews and professional contacts in the SPAN destination
    • meet and study with SPAN travel mates
    • become familiar with SPAN’s partnering non-profit organization, the Minnesota SPAN Association, which is supported by SPAN alumni and awards scholarships to outbound SPANners to offset research and travel expenses

    Minnesota SPAN 

    During summer away

    Following four-weeks of intensive pre-departure preparations and education, SPANners travel and live abroad for six weeks; the student researchers conduct interviews, visit libraries and museums, as well as other places relating to an individual student’s research topic. They also enjoy sightseeing, recreation and being immersed in a culture different than their own.

    Upon return, fall semester and January following study away

    SPANners compile and analyze their research findings. Students have until the end of January, the year following their study away, to write a substantive (50-page) research paper or produce a hybrid project and paper which includes media or forms of visual art.

    SPAN has its own rewards

    Hagestuen, Matt


    "SPAN allowed me to design my own study, which meant unparalleled academic freedom and limitless creativity. There is nothing like what SPAN offers and I am blessed to have participated. The decisions I make in my life today are directly reflective of my time with SPAN."
    --Matt Hagestuen, Great Britain, 2012


    Stoos-Mohan, Hailey


    "The SPAN experience – the preparation, trip and research paper – has not only been wonderful, but enlightening. By tackling a project unlike any I have braved before … I have enhanced my writing, time management, organization and countless other important skills. The cultural wisdom I gained was astounding!"
    --Hailey Stoos-Mohan, Morocco, 2017


    SPAN, the Student Project for Amity among Nations, was founded after World War II by a group of Minnesota students and faculty who saw the need for international understanding. In over seven decades, more than 2,500 SPANners have visited 85 countries on six continents. Nearly 100 SPANners have been graduates of Hamline University.